If you could add something to Kentico, what would it be and why?

Payment fee

I can set up fee for delivery method. But sometimes I need set up fee for payment method (for example: additional fee for paying by credit card).

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  • Suneel Jhangiani commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just to add the Payment Fee might be a flat rate and not a percentage (e.g. a B2B site that allows for Cheque payments but requires an administration fee).

    I think you are right in suggesting it could be implemented like the Shipping Charge.

  • AdminMichal Kadák (E-commerce and Platform Product Owner, Kentico) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello rik

    The shipping charge (or shipping cost) functionality is still in Kentico. Could you please explain what exactly was removed in Kentico 10?

    I've asked the question in the previous comment to make sure I understand the need correctly. Currently, we have a way how we display shipping charges to the customers and how administrator manages them. So the question is if we could use this approach also for the payment charges.

    Now I understand that payment charge is probably always in percentages and it doesn't depend on weight, but the rest may be similar to the shipping charge.

    thank you

  • rik commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @Michal: then why have they been removed from Kentico 10??? (shipping charges)
    I agree with Vilem, that it should be possible to setup an additional charge for a payment provider. The same goes for shipping options.
    The reason for this is simple: some payment options (for instance: credit card companies) charge the shop for using that method of payment, and more often than not that "fee" is directly put through to the end user (the "buyer"). Therefore it is necessary to be able to set an extra 'charge' on a payment option (preferably in percentages (%))

  • Lars Muis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    An additional fee either percentage based or fixed fee added to the cart based upon the paymentplatform you choose.

    Example: Let's say we sell a bike for $300, and the customer has the option to pay the product using PayPal, banktransfer and Creditcardpayment. The banktransfer option is free, the PayPal payment method costs $2,50 extra (total $302,50) and creditcardpayment costs an additonal 2% (total $306).

    To keep it simple (short term): at the moment you can use a custom shippingprovider that returns the costs of the shipping, maybe add an option to add a cost in the custom PaymentProvider?

    Or maybe a better idea (might be a bit more work):
    Have the option to add extra items (not a product) to the shoppingcart. This can be used for handeling costs, payment provider costs, insurance costs, but also special discounts, etc... The main difference with a normal product is that this item can be a positive and negative amount and it can't be removed from the cart and the quantity can't be changed.

  • Lars Muis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Create an product or order option to add a percentage to the order for example for creditcard fees or an insurance fee. It's a bit like the opposite of a percentage based discount.

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