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Neutral cultures and a default fallback culture

Currently you have only one default culture available in Kentico. This option isn't usually sufficient for global web portals, containing content for multiple different languages. Here is the scenario. Let’s have the neutral cultures DE (German), English (EN) and Spanish (ES). Now, these languages can have country (region) specific translations:
Neutral language EN:
Neutral language DE:
Neutral language ES:
If you now create some content section, which looks like this, with the content translated into languages in the brackets:

News folder
-News1 (de-de, en-uk)
-News2 (de-lu, es-ar)
-News3 (de-de, de-at, en-us)
-News4 (en-uk, es-co)
The configuration of the system would be: The default fallback culture for German cultures is de-de (or any culture with the “de-“ prefix). The default fallback culture for English content is en-uk (or any culture with the “en-“ prefix). The default fallback culture for Spanish content is es-ar (or any culture with the “es-“ prefix). The main fallback default culture is en-uk, so if no similar language exists (with the same “xx-“ prefix) display the en-uk content if available.
Here are some scenarios:
A visitor coming from the culture de-de, accessing the document News3 should get of course the translated document in the correct culture, so News3 (de-de). However, also the system should be able to handle the scenario, if a user for the culture de-lu accesses the document News1. In that case the visitor should be redirected to the de-de content, so he should get News1 (de-de). If there is no similar culture available (no culture with the neutral prefix “de-“) the system should return the default culture, in this case the default culture might be en-uk, so the user would get the News1 (en-uk) document. Additionally, a user requesting the Spanish culture (e.g. es-co) would get redirected to en-uk if accessing the News1 document.
These options would give users much more flexibility in terms of culture selection in Kentico CMS.

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thanks for the great suggestion. We have, however, decided not to chase this opportunity at this point due to other priorities on the Kentico EMS roadmap.

Just a not though – if this is a critical feature for your project, consider looking at https://docs.kenticocloud.com/tutorials/set-up-projects/set-up-languages/localization-in-kentico-cloud where we had the possibility to architect the fallback logic from scratch.



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  • Suneel Jhangiani commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I really hope that this request can be looked at. A scenario I would like to lay out is so that a visitors culture can be correctly set in order to get the right localization for datetime and number formats.

    A perfect example of this is the date 2/1/2018 which in the UK would be 2nd Jan 2018 whilst in the US would be 1st Feb 2018.

    It would be great to be able to set the visitors culture to 'en-GB' or 'en-US' which is then used for localization, however, if resource strings or content don't exist in that culture it should drop back to 'EN'.

  • Anthony Baratta commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This a great idea, not sure why it doesn't have more votes. We need this now for a new client with global reach. Anyone have a work around we can use in the mean time?

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