If you could add something to Kentico, what would it be and why?

MVC on Free Edition

As of version 10 in Kentico, if a Developer wants to host a website built using Kentico CMS using MVC, they need to purchase a license for it.

This is a barrier for developers to enter and try out Kentico CMS with MVC. Since Kentico recently announced (at the Roadshows) that MVC would become the primary development model in the next version, it makes sense to provide access to this model for new developers in that version. However as it stands, they will be forced to use one of the other, non-preferred development models (Portal, ASPX or Mixed) to evaluate the product.

The licensing issue is tied to the Kentico development model for ASP.NET MVC application since it relies on the Web Farms functionality.

It would be great if MVC is offered on the Kentico Free Edition. It will bring in developers who don’t want to work with Web forms. More developers will adopt Kentico and be advocates for it.

A developer would be keen to push his personal site or blog on Kentico CMS to showcase his expertise on that platform. If a developer has worked on MVC in a production environment (albeit a small one), it allows him to influence decision makers on larger projects.

A good example for this would be the uptake of Kentico Cloud by developers who were able to use the free edition and are now strong advocates for Kentico Cloud.

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Thanks for your complete explanation of the need for MVC in the Free edition.

This seems to be a more common requirement now when we look into MVC further and we are evaluating this change right now.

I will keep you updated about the progress as we come closer to the next beta.

David Komarek
Product Owner


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