If you could add something to Kentico, what would it be and why?

Order notifications recipients by order status and general structure.

Currently Kentico only has a single option to send order status notifications which sends the notifications to both store admins and customers.

I'd like to see this split so that customers do not necessarily need to get notifications for internal changes.

Whilst making this change I would also like to see the ability to set recipients based on Order Status, such that if an Order is in 'Payment failed' a notification can be sent to accounts, whilst an order that is 'Payment Accepted' can go to order fulfilment. This could be implemented as a Recipients field in the order status and if it is not set then the default store admin recipients is used from the ecommerce settings.

I also think the Sending of notifications should be re-engineered a bit as at present there are several places where Notifications get sent (ie. ShoppingCartContent.ascx.cs, ShoppingCartPreview.ascx.cs, CMSCheckoutWebPart.ascx). When creating a New order notifications should be determined by the Order status and not by a general Ecommerce Setting (ie. use send customer status change notification and send admin status change notification fields since the order has gone from 'no status' to 'new status').

Finally it should be possible to specify the Email Template in the order status - this would require two fields as we would want one for order change notifications where by the order is edited but no status is changed and another for order status change notifications where an order status is changed.

In my opinion order notifications should all be sent during the call to OrderInfoProvider.SetOrderInfo which should have additional parameters for forcing sending customer notifications and forcing sending admin notifications. Which in turn should reduce the number of methods in the OrderInfoProvider.

Also, currently Kentico uses the Customer email address as the from address when sending admin notifications. This should be changed since the emails may get blocked due to DKIM or SPF.

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  • Elmar Höfinghoff commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Same here.... first thing QA mentioned was "why does the customer get informed twice? Order created and Order payed?"...
    Admins need the Order created, Customers need the Order payed notification....

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