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Add scrollWheel property to Google Maps (and more if possible)

The current Google Maps webpart does its thing, but does not include all the possible options you set onto a google-map.
Most of the options currently available are the options you'll generally use, but it is missing one. An that is a very important one imo, and that option is: scrollWheel.

The scrollWheel option allow you to enable/disable zooming with the scrollwheel of your mouse. This is a boolean and defaults to true.
Nowadays, it is more common to have map element on a page that is so big that it can span the entire page. If you, in such case, have 'scrollWheel: true' you will get "stuck" on the map before you can scroll down the rest of the page (if that works at all...).

It would be helpfull if the maps webpart was extended to include more of the options that Google supports, at the very least add the scrollWheel property.

I've inspected the code, so far, it seems that the following things are to be changed to add at least the scrollwheel option:
- in BasicGoogleMaps.cs, update the GenerateMapInternal method to include more options (its a javascript object that is build up using a stringbuilder on which an AppendFormat is used, the parameters of which are from the CMSMapProperties object)
- in CMSMapProperties.cs, add a boolean field 'scrollWheel'
- then update the default webparts to include the new option
(process repeats for other options :-) )

Yes, I could go about and do it myself, but why should I? IMO this is something that should be present in the webpart itself.
But if anyone would like to do it themselves, you could by using the following javascript:
<your-google-maps-control-id>_map.setOptions({ scrollwheel: false });
But I find that this shouldn't be a necessity.

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